MASTER'S PIECE A little boy went to his old grandpa and asked, "What's the value of life?" The grandpa gave him one stone and said, "Find out the value of this stone, but don't sell it. "The boy took the stone to an Orange Seller and asked him what its cost would be.
The Orange Seller saw the shiny stone and said, "You can take 12 oranges and give me the stone. "The boy apologized and said that the grandpa has asked him not to sell it. He went ahead and found a vegetable seller."What could be the value of this stone?" he asked the vegetable seller.
The seller saw the shiny stone and said, "Take one sack of potatoes and give me the stone."The boy again apologized and said he can't sell it. Further ahead, he went into a jewelery shop and asked the value of the stone.The jeweler saw the stone under a lens and said, "I'll give you 1 million for this stone."
When the boy shook his head, the jeweler s…

Remember the good events

This is a story of two friends who are on an adventure tour and enjoys some great time.

When they are traveling they there is a thing on which both the friends are fighting with each other then one friends slaps the other friend.

Then other friend become sad and they both take some distance from each other. the friend who just got slapped by the other just wrote in the sand that "today my best friend slapped me and i an sad for that."

Then after some the friend who just got slapped moving towards the water to enjoy the nature and in doing so, he reached little far or in between the water. One layer of water comes and he got unbalanced and falls in the water as didn't know how to swim? he started to sinking down in the water.

Then he calls his friend for the help and the other friend hears that voice and look toward him and then immediately moved into the water to save his friend and then he saves his friend.
Then the friend who just saved wrote on a Rock that "Toda…

Incredible Judge

Judge with Incredible passionThis is a story about a judge who lived  in  France many years ago.He was considered a fair as well as kind judge. One day, a case was brought in his court.A baron who leased apartments brought a case again a poor widow who rented a apartment from him. she had missed a payment of her rent .when she did not pay, the landlord tried to enter her apartment to evict her,but she did not permit him entry. Thus ,besides evicting her,the landlord was bringing a suit against the woman.
When the case brought before the judge,he found there was clause in the agreement written in small print saying the landlord has right to enter the premises of any property he owned whenever he wanted,even if someone was renting it. There is usually something written in small words which most of the people do not read.And if they do ,then they don't understand the legal term in which it is written.

The judge realized that the woman could not have known about the clause because it was i…

Believe in Him

Today's Story is based on the trust how we have in God.
A man just got married and was returning home with his wife. They were crossing a lake in a boat when suddenly a great storm arose.  
The man was a warrior, but the woman became very much afraid because it seemed almost hopeless: The boat was small and the storm was really huge, and any moment they were going to be drowned. But the man sat silently, calm and quiet as if nothing was happening.
The woman was trembling and she said, “Are you not afraid ?”. This may be our last moment of life! It doesn’t seem that we will be able to reach the other shore. Only some miracle can save us otherwise, death is certain. Are you not afraid? Are you mad or something? Are you a stone or something? The man laughed and took the sword out of its sheath. The woman was even more puzzled: What he was doing? Then he brought the naked sword close to the woman’s neck, so close that just a small gap was there, it was almost touching her neck. H…


Story of  Stupidity A woman was waiting for her flight at the airport.
She bought a bag of cookies, found a place to drop and took out her book. She started to read and suddenly noticed that a man, sitting beside her, grabbed a cookie from her bag. She just tried to ignore this.
So she munched cookies and at the same time watched how shameless cookie thief was diminishing her stocks. She thought to herself: If I wasn‘t such a nice person, I would blacken his eye“.
When only one cookie was left, she looked with interest and wondered what he would do. He smiled, took the last cookie and broke it in half. She thought: „This guy is so rude, he didn‘t even show any gratitude!”
After her flight was called, the woman gathered her baggage and headed to gate. She took her seat in the plane, and started to look for her book, which was almost complete. As she reached her baggage, she gasped with surprise, as there was an unopened bag of cookies. A dreadful thought crossed her mind: „If my cook…

God is always with us

God is always with us This is a story of a man who believes in God but many times when he got into any trouble and found himself in trouble then his faith just going up and down and doubt comes in his mind that God is not helping him.
One day when the person is sleeping he had a dream where he is with the God and walking around the sea corner.
Then he just notices that there is marks of two pair of legs in the sand,one of his own and the other belongs to the God.
Till then the time for the person is good,he has no trouble in his time but when he just got himself in the trouble he found that there is one pair only on the sand.
Then he asks the God that look there, whenever i was in the good conditions you are with me but when i got myself in the trouble there is only one mark on the sand and it belongs to me, that means you just left me in my troublesome condition.
Then God replied "you are right My son just look in the sand again and spot the difference between the good and har…

Wait for the Lord

Waiting for the Lord This is a story of a person who regularly prays the God early in the morning to come to his home. One day God says to him that they will come tomorrow and so he just becomes so happy o listening those words.
Next day he wakes up and cleaning his house and wears the new clothes and makes the good dishes because God is coming to his home. His eyes are stuck on the door and finding the God After some hours he saw a shadow and thought that its God.
But when the shadow reaches his door, he saw a poor old man who asked him for food  But the man denied and ask the old man to leave.Old man again asks for food because he was hungry but the man told him to leave and then the old man left the door.
Man is still waiting for the god to come But God didn't. At last the man was so upset that God doesn't come to meet him and his efforts were for nothing.
when the man goes to the bed and go to sleep, he found the God in the dreams and then he asked God that why didn'…