Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Master and disciple

This is a story of a disciple who learns the power of his master when he falls in  tricky situation.
Once upon a time there was a master and his disciple going through villages to villages.
One day they went in  a village which was so good and everything there was so.
The disciple decided to stay in the village because everything there was just Rs.1/kg.
Master asks him to leave that village but he refused and so the master just left without his disciple.
But before leaving him, he told the disciple that if you fell in any trouble just call/remember me through your heart, I'll there instantly and then left the town/village.

Disciple enjoys the time and eating everything because everything was so cheap.

One day an  incident happened in the village.A wall falls on  the women and she died.Then the King summoned the contractor and said that you are guilty because you didn't make the wall right and it falls.
Contractor says "No" that i am not the one who make the wall I just directs the worker and he did it.
Then the King summoned that worker and said that you are guilty for the women's death.He said that i am not guilty I just used the material made by the another worker .
Then the King summoned the another worker and told the same that you are guilty for the women's death. He said that it's not his fault when he was making the mixture of materials there was a  dancer(ballerina) who was so beautiful and the I just fell for her dance. So then King summoned the Dancer.
Dancer was clever and then he said that i just can't resist myself after wearing the anklet made by the jeweller, so jeweller is the right person for punishment.
King summoned the jeweller and told that you are going to be death for causing the women's death.

When the jeweller is taken for punishment(death), King found that his neck is too narrow than the deadfall's width.
Then he asked his soldiers to go and look for a person whose  neck fits in the deadfall.
Then the soldiers found the disciple and taken him to the  court ad then the king announced the death for the disciple.
Disciple finally realized that it was all his fault not to obey his master.
Then he realized the words his master told him,he immediately calls his master for the help and the master arrives in no time.Then he apologized in front of his master and ask him to help.
Then the master finds a way and announced that whoever die today here will become the King in his next birth here .King fell for it and said that i am king, so I will be the one to die here and then  the king dies and that's how the master protects his disciple.

So the thing we get from this story is that:

                               No one must not disobey his master(guru).Because they always thought about the well being of his disciples.


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