Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wait for the Lord

 Waiting for the Lord

This is a story of a person who regularly prays the God early in the morning to come to his home. One day God says to him that they will come tomorrow and so he just becomes so happy o listening those words.

Next day he wakes up and cleaning his house and wears the new clothes and makes the good dishes because God is coming to his home.
His eyes are stuck on the door and finding the God After some hours he saw a shadow and thought that its God.

But when the shadow reaches his door, he saw a poor old man who asked him for food  But the man denied and ask the old man to leave.Old man again asks for food because he was hungry but the man told him to leave and then the old man left the door.

Man is still waiting for the god to come But God didn't.
At last the man was so upset that God doesn't come to meet him and his efforts were for nothing.

when the man goes to the bed and go to sleep, he found the God in the dreams and then he asked God that why didn't you came today to my house. God tells that I came in form of the old man and you just denied to give me the food or any help. You told me to leave so it's your fault that you didn't  recognize me.

So this story tells us that Everyone has God inside of him although everyone is a part of God.
So if we want to become one with God then spread the love to the world then we can become one with God.

So always help everyone whenever you can. Because everyone has God inside of him.


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