Wednesday, 1 February 2017

God is always with us

 God is always with us

This is a story of a man who believes in God but many times when he got into any trouble and found himself in trouble then his faith just going up and down and doubt comes in his mind that God is not helping him.
One day when the person is sleeping he had a dream where he is with the God and walking around the sea corner.
Then he just notices that there is marks of two pair of legs in the sand,one of his own and the other belongs to the God.
Till then the time for the person is good,he has no trouble in his time but when he just got himself in the trouble he found that there is one pair only on the sand.
Then he asks the God that look there, whenever i was in the good conditions you are with me but when i got myself in the trouble there is only one mark on the sand and it belongs to me, that means you just left me in my troublesome condition.
Then God replied "you are right My son just look in the sand again and spot the difference between the good and hard times. whenever you are in trouble I have you held on my hands and those marks are very dark or thick because of I held you at that time".So now you understand that I was never separated from you.

So Just know that God is always with us i our good and bad time.


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