Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Everything Happens For Good

This is a story of a king and his minister who is also good friends and the minister believes that everything happens in this world must be for good.
One day the king's wife become ill and dead .At that point, the minister told the King that no need to be sad because "Everything happens for good".
 King becomes angry on the minister but he did not show that and leaves.
After some time there was another incident in the King's family and this time it was his child who died due to the virus of that time . On that incident, the minister repeats the same and says that "Everything happens for good". King was so angry on hearing these words by minister but he somehow manages himself and leaves that place.

After many days when the king was doing his practise with the new sword he got his finger cut and then he feels the pain and the minister on that point says that no need to worry because "Everything happens for good". Now the King just lashes out all his anger on the minister and send him to the jail.
Then the king left  for the jungle for doing  some hunt and got separated from his soldiers and then he was trapped by the locals of that jungle who was looking for a sacrificing a human for completing their pray and then they takes the King for sacrificial ritual and when they are about to kill King they found that there is a wound on the King's hand and they found that it has one finger already cut. So they consider King not to be suited for the ritual and leaves the King .

After reaching the palace the King thinks that what minister told him was actually true  due to his finger he was saved today.
He told the soldier to bring the minister.And then his told the story to the minister and then asks the minister i got it that my finger was cut for good.
but i did not get the point that what's good for you.You are in jail for that time after.
Minister says, My lord if you did not sended me to the jail then i must be with you today and then instead of you the locals finds me as the sacrificial and that's how i was saved.

So this tell us that we have to accept that everything that happens for good which is not understand by us but good for us


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